What's the best way to swap between minigames and a main game?

I hate that the best example I have of this is Among Us, but say you wanted a game where there’s a global objective (move from point A to B) and a few local objectives (complete minigames along the way). What’s the best structure for setting up this kind of system, without swapping scenes any time you wanted to load in a new game?

Sadly I don’t have example code, as this feature is coming later in development. But wanted to pick some brains so I’m more prepared when I get to it!

I would do it by moving the camera to a new location, say a 1000 units away, like I do in the menu of my game now, but I don’t know if it’s the best way. Maybe you also need to switch the background skybox.

RenderSettings.skybox = newSkyBoxMaterial;