What's the deal with the Enemies demo?

I remember at the previous showing, I can't rember if it was Unite or GDC, the Enemies demo was shown in realtime raytracing and all on an Xbox.

But then on PC the performance was quite rough, even on a 3090.

But then it's creator said they ran it fine on like a 2070 or something.

Is there an explanation for this variance? I tried the version on the asset store too, it was better (fixed some bugs) but still struggling more than I think it should.

What have you learned?

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Hi @sacb0y !

A lot of optimizations were done, and you can find in the Asset Store project quality tiers for consoles to show how it was configured (trying to get someone from the demo team to give more details on lessons learned).

Also we leveraged improvements and optimizations on the DX12 and raytracing support in 23.1, especially with native graphics jobs and split graphics jobs which allow to better parallelized graphics jobs and specific performance modes fro raytracing (more information in this talk from GDC 23). Note that this optimization as well as multiple others which can strongly affect performance especially HDRP - eg: Burst/IL2CPP are currently only available when building a player, so make sure to test the build.

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