What's the difference between Monodevelop with Unity, and the one I downloaded?

I stupidly read about debugging Unity projects, and grabbed Monodevelop from their site. After 20 minutes of "why isn't this working" I realized that my Win install of Unity has a Monodevelop along side it. So, I pointed the Unity editor to that one, and bingo...everything works.

My question is, what is the difference? There seems to be some minor UI differences, but I'm wondering what makes the included one work with Unity. Is there some sort of pluggin or addon that makes them play nice together? Do you always have to get Monodevelop from Unity so that they have that tight integration?

Thanks in advance. I'm a Visual Studio guy learning the ropes...sorry for any stupid questions :).

The version provided with Unity is a special version that includes the Unity debugger plugin. I don't know if it's possible to install the plugin by yourself, but uninstalling MonoDevelop and reinstalling Unity does setup anything properly.

When debugging, be sure to close Unity before you hit F5 in MonoDevelop (Unity will be opened by the debugger).


The edition of MonoDevelop that ships with Unity for Windows has the following bundled:

  • Gtk+ and Gtk# for .net
  • Unity debugger addin for MD
  • UnityScript support for MD
  • Boo support for MD
  • Some custom tweaks for usage with Unity