What's the difference between Prefab and Model?

Title says all. I have the Dungeon Bit Gem set from the Asset Store. Both Prefabs and Models are the exact same.

A model contains the data for the model to be correctly rendered.
A prefab (Prefabrication) is like a package where you can keep the model and other scripts on it to prevent tedious work.

For example: I make a prefab of a network player. It contains the model and the scripts attached to it.

Instead of copying and pasting it across scenes, it will save a file on your computer as a asset and you can drag and drop it onto your scene and it will contain all necessary stuff on it such as scripts, models, rigid-bodies and/or character controllers.

Very handy for Unity Networked Games.

Prefabs consist of prefabricated objects. You can create a prefab that contains multiple objects with all types of components attached to these objects. Let’s say you create a building that consists of 3 separate floor models, some interior objects, and some doors with some custom “door” scripts attached. You can add all of these objects under a single parent, and create a prefab for use at any time.

A model is just a 3D model. Usually contains the Unity required components to render the model, but that’s about it.

So? Where is the answer to this?