Whats the difference between Vector3.zero and Vector3(0,0,0)?

Ive been making a game in unity for a while but i keep running into a problem with vectors… Why am i not allowed to say Vector3(0,0,0) or Vector3(transform.position.x,transform.position.y,transform.position.z)? I see people using it in tutorials but for some reason i get errors saying it cant convert object expression into UnityEngine.Transform… i could really use some help! Thanks in advance!

You should probably spend some time looking at the script reference for Transforms, to understand what they are. The error is correct - a Vector3 is not a transform, and you can’t convert one to the other. You can assign a Vector3 to a transform’s variable, like transform.position.

Your tutorials are probably using unityscript (or are just wrong, or both) Unityscript doesn’t require as many NEWs in front of everything as C# does, plus other small differences.

Nearly all official Unity3d code examples have a little drop down just above where you can switch to C# (they all start in unity/javascript.)

Vector3.Zero is already saved instance which you can copy to new Vector3 variables by =. The confusion new people gets is that they think Vector3 is reference type but its not. Vector3 is struct and structs are “Value type”. So data is copied when you do : Vector3 v = Vector3.Zero. Copying data is faster than creating and assigning data like : Vector3 v = new Vector3(0,0,0).
Read "Reference type " and "Value types " in C# for understanding.