What's the factor of frame rate drop?

I make a game for mobile.

I just wonder that Draw call rate is 30 ~ 40 in game and It’s not too much in mobile I know…

But When I drag object, Frame rate is drop from 60 to 30.

30 frame is problem.

I think frame is related with draw call, but I misunderstood that.

what’s the problem??

Well, It depends upon various factors. Frame rate drop is not only associated with draw call… There are various other factors that involves in frame rate drop.

If you have created a script which involves inefficient and lot of memory consuming scripts, which eats lot of memory and it will be also an cause for the frame drop.


You can find below the link for efficient game build… it is quiet harder to address the exact thing which pulls down the frame rate as you have not mentioned clearly the poly count, Texture information etc.

Profile it. Everything else is just guess work

There are a lot of things to consider. It could be a shader, or it could be a script that keeps trying to find a gameobject in Update. (just an example)