What's the MonoBleedingEdge folder created on my build?

when i build my game, a MonoBleedingEdge folder appears within the data folder and the .exe.
Can someone explain me what is this?
I tried to erase it but if i do it the game wont execute. There is some way to avoid creating it?
Thank you!!

The MonoBleedingEdge folder contains the required C# and MonoDevelop libraries to run the application. While UnityPlayer.dll contains the engine’s core, Scripts libraries are in the MonoBleedingEdge. While some part of its content is required to run the game/app, I was able to delete the “etc” folder inside of it and only kept the EmbedRuntime folder. The my project was still running properly. (Do a backup just in case.)

I’ll admit, it would be cleaner if they would put that folder, the Unity Crash handler and the .dll files into a 2nd folder like the _Data folder. Something like Name_Engine while leaving only the Name.exe file in the root folder.