What's the most effecient way to rotate a texture?

Hello, in my inventory system, you could rotate your items 90 dgs clk/counterclk wise
I only care about 90 dgs.


I’m currently doing this by using another texture, a 90-dgs-rotated one because this has to be done fast - but of course, this is on the account of memory and disk storage.

Is there a better way, more efficient but fast way to do the rotation? again 90 dgs is what i care about.

I have read other threads in the forums, but nothing that I found convenient.

Thanks all.

Assuming that NGUI is like EZGUI in that it uses a texture atlas and that NGUI allows you to switch to an alternate “image” in the atlas, then switching to an alternate texture in the atlas is a very efficient way. If not…if you are really swapping whole textures…then it likely more efficient to rotate the NGUI element rather than swapping the texture.