What's the right way to do debug text these days?


In the past, I’ve done debug text using the various ‘GUI.bla’ functions. i.e. to show a framerate counter I would make a little script that did ‘GUI.Label(sometext)’ in its OnGUI function to print out the current frame rate in the top left of the screen.

However, with the new UI the GUI stuff is marked as legacy, and (I assume) is unsupported and will eventually disappear. The new UI is awesome, but massively over complex for some simple debug displays - I just want to print some stuff on screen, not create a load of new game objects and event systems and stuff!

How are others addressing this? Is everyone just sticking with the old GUI functions? Is there some other approach I don’t know of that makes much more sense?



GUI is very unlikely to ‘disappear’ it is still the way the entirety of the actual engine’s UI is drawn!