What's the syntax for creating a skybox with a script?

I'm trying to make a skybox dynamically, here's a fragment:

  var skymat = new Material (Shader.Find ("RenderFX/Skybox"));
  var wwwf : WWW = new WWW (params[0]);
  yield wwwf;
  skymat.SetTexture("_Front", wwwf.texture);

I get

Material doesn't have a texture property '_Front'

I've also tried 'Front', 'front', and '_front', and variations including (+z) as well

What gives?

I haven't looked at the skybox shader, but you need to see the shader's property name. That's the first part of a property, it is normally proceeded by an underscore.

Properties {
     _YouNeedThisValue("Ignore This", 2D) = "" {}

If you don't know what it is, then I suggest that you download the Unity buit-in shaders off the Resources page, and look it up.

Was looking at shader source as you (PeterG) were answering. All I had to do was find and download the sources and look into that shader. Simple! This UI is not doing us any favors! I don't like obfuscation. That said, the correct syntax is, for anyone following in my footsteps: