What's your FPS value in unity editor play?

I have trouble with my game performance and I don’t know why it is.

So wonder about fps value which of usual games in common.

My game show me 250 fps value in editor play and also 350 fps in build play.

Is it proper value?

Sometimes our current project peaks at like 400 on the editor, and like 200 at the lowest. You may try to look at tris, verts, draw calls, and VRAM.

Some scripts can damage performance as well, maybe try to disable something you think might be causing this? It could also be asset files being too big?

There’s a lot, specially in mobile, that can cause your game to drop in performance (I know you didn’t mention you were working on mobile, but just saying).

Good luck.

Well, in the editor you are in debug mode. Devs have dev kits because they are more powerful than a console and that they are running on debug mode. Same thing applies here. You should always get higher FPS in your build.