Wheel collider groundhit

calling groundhit function of wheelcollider in FixedUpdate and displaying the result in late update seems to indicate that the return point value is one frame late. Am I right? Does someone have more indication on that?

Fixed Update is called at an fixed interval. LateUpdate is called just every time after Update (Frame rate depended). If you are handling the Car physics movement in FixedUpdate as it should be than the results from Wheel collider groundhit in lateUpdate will be processed out of sync.

It mean it will never be precise one frame behind but various Fixed Update loops. :-)

Here is the link.


when you have physics in your game then you can have multiple FixedUpdates in low framerates or no FixedUpdate in a frame in high framerates. so it can be out of sync. it might be one frame bakc or more. you can call drawing or printing functions in FixedUpdate for debugging and see more accurate results. rendering still happens once per frame but your FixedUpdate might run after lateUpdate and update the results that they should be rendered.