wheel collider performance problem

hi, i am making a FPS game and i have a script where you can get in and out of a car.

but that works fine, the problem is that when i dont look at the car i get about 100-120 fps var when i look towards the car i get about 20-30 fps. i am wondering what makes wheelColliders take so many fps to run? and is there a way to make them run better?

the car is a humvee-jeep thing and it has 4 wheels. and a mass about 1000. and a basic car control script.


If your game lags when you look at your car, the car is too detailed, or has too intense a shader to be able to run fast on your computer. You need to optimize your model, textures, and shaders. It has nothing to do with rigidbodies or colliders whatsoever.