Wheel Colliders Insane in 5.0.1

After buying Pro, upgrading to 5.0.1 and spending over five hours narrowing it down, aside from issues mentioned in other posts on the topic, wheel colliders attached to a car object are now completely broken. For both my own application and in the car tutorial, each is now:

  1. Drawn incorrectly, at a distance from its local origin inversely proportional to the parent transform’s scale, e.g. if the parent transform is set to a scale of 0.1, its green circle gizmo is drawn ten times further from the parent transform’s origin than the wheel collider’s object’s actual position.

  2. Physically out of whack. By default, the instant it hits the terrain the whole car now flies up and to the side at about a thousand miles per hour. Even after I turn its default Spring (35000) and Damper (4500) down to one or two, it still gets slammed downwards.

Are these expected to be resolved in the next release? My, what a sweeping improvement of Unity’s development pipeline it would be to add a “unit test” step at some point before release.

Your rigidbody’s mass has to be a realistic value. Try setting it to 1500 kg. As for the gizmo’s incorrect position, this could be due to a model scale that is not 111.