Wheel Colliders

Okay this is pissing me off so bad… My wheel colliders keep spawning the wrong way, as in they are horizontal to the wheels themselves. I tried maybe rotating the car, didnt work. I dont know how to set it so that it recognizes which face of the car is the front of the car… I need help

@TheMainAvent I had the same problem. After much research, i found 1 thing that helped…it definitely has to do with the model rotation, i used a StockCar model and when i created the wheel colliders they pointed to the back of the car. I had to figure out which part of the car was rotated wrong…i believe the body and frame were the problem, i rotated the whole car 90 degrees so that the colliders were pointed the right direction, then i rotated the just the body and chassis and wheel meshes back to 0, then i had to move the colliders back in place without rotating them. I believe that is how i did it last night. My current issue is that i cannot get my car to move and i can’t find a script that is not 5 years old from an old version of Unity.