Wheel falling through ground

I have a standalone wheel with a wheel collider w/ the following setup

  • Wheel (script here)
    • Wheel Mesh
    • GameObject with attached Wheel Collider

My script is very simple:

var Torque : float = 20.0;

var Wheel : WheelCollider;

function Update () { Wheel.motorTorque = Torque * Input.GetAxis("Vertical"); }

When I then move the Vertical Axis, the wheel begins to rotate and then falls through the ground. What am I doing wrong?

Use multiple wheel colliders, perhaps? Because they are wafer-thin, not like a ‘real’ wheel. They fall over so easily if you’ve only got one of them, to the side, and then would fall through the terrain. If you’re making a game with just a wheel, then perhaps try freezing the rotation.

I actually didn’t end up using a wheel collider. I just used a mesh collider and added torque to the rigid body. Works fine. The wheel collider was really a bit more complex than necessary.

you got them set up the wrong way round either whe wheel collider should be the root or in a seperate folder in the root