WheelCollider Bug in Unity 5?


I tried to make a wheelcollider attached to “A” Gameobject. “A” gameobject’s scale is 1, 1, 1. I’ve added Rigidbody component to A gameobject. Then created empty new gameobject. Attached WheelCollider component to this new gameobject and parented to “A” gameobject. Now, if you rotate your WheelCollider object, object’s scale is changing by one direction. Also if you change wheelcollider’s position, “Force App Point Distance” will not move correctly. Also adding basic torque to the wheels are not behaving realistic. Is there any documentation for Unity 5 WheelColliders?

Hi bugra271,

I was having the same problem so I did some researching on google and came across a link that lead me here. After following the tutorial the wheels are now moving with motor torque and I’m not having anymore scaling issues. However I had problems with the script as I’m not exactly C# savvy. So I created a custom script that controls the wheels especially taking code from my older scripts before I upgraded to Unity5.

There are some other issues. The Rigidbody of your car could be to heavy. 2000kg or more… I normally stay in between 1500kg and 2000kg. Also the spring of the WheelCollider is defaulted at 35000 I haven’t changed this, I did change the damper to 1500 though… At high speeds it caused the car to bounce so after changing this I get a smooth ride and the suspension works. The only thing I haven’t figured out so far is applying the wheel positioning to visual wheels. Try this out and let me know if you get it working. Good Luck.

check this video to solve problem of wheel collider bouncing on unity5