WheelCollider Grip

Hi !

I’ve been working on a car physics/control project and I faced a problem when adding torque to the wheels, with small values of torque the wheel move perfectly without loosing grip and spinning, but it accelerates too slow and the top speed is low, so i decided to give it higher values, the vehicle still accelerates slow because the wheels at start loose grip and spin, but the vehicle reach higher top speeds with higher torque, so i would like the wheel to have a higher grip, but i didn’t find a proper function to it, tried to use Forward friction but didn’t change anything in the vehicle’s grip or maybe I didn’t know how to use it, I need a solution for this no matter how difficult it is.

Thank you.

A part of the control script that adds torque :

WheelColZ[2].motorTorque = TorqueValue;
WheelColZ[3].motorTorque = TorqueValue;

Increase the stiffness value of the forward friction.

Are you rotating the wheel colliders like wheels? If so, that causes problems, so make sure only your graphics are being rotated, not the colliders themselves.

Hi @MustangLM, did you manage to solve your issue with losing grip of wheel collides? Currently have same issue with my project: with low torque everything working perfectly, but when increasing torque wheels starting burning :slight_smile: So did you manage to solve it?

@privatecontractor This is a bit late but I managed to increase grip on my wheelcolliders by adding mass to the wheel colliders themselves. I don’t know why this works but it seems like the more mass the more grip have. I’m simulating a small AGV but to get realistic grip the wheel colliders now have a mass of 100.