WheelCollider position mapping problem: Wheels in the air?!

Hello, I am currently working on some car physics and i am trying to make the wheel-objects move the same way as the wheelColliders. I am using this script for it:

	RaycastHit hit;
	if(Physics.Raycast (wheelFL.transform.position, -wheelFL.transform.up, out hit, wheelFL.radius+wheelFL.suspensionDistance)){
		wheelPosFL.position = hit.point+wheelFL.transform.up*wheelFL.radius;
		Debug.Log ("hit");
	else {
		wheelPosFL.position = wheelFL.transform.position-wheelFL.transform.up*wheelFL.suspensionDistance;
		Debug.Log ("noHit");

This is only for the Front-Left Wheel. But instead of being where it should be, my wheel decides to be a few inches above the ground, just like this:

It also says “noHit” in the console all the time. Please help me! In every Tutorial, I watched, this worked perfectly, therefore I am very confused right now :frowning:

Greetings from Germany.

Try lowering the suspension Distance, maybe this helps.