Wheels are not turning

Hi I am new to unity. I am currently doing the Car tutorial on the unity website.

However for some reason the wheels on my car model are not turning. Is there a step I missed? The wheels were turning in the Completed file despite having done exactly all the steps.

Hi everyone,
maybe this is dumb,
but I have the same problem…

What is the object or object property that make wheels turn?


Hi all,

Are you making sure you drag the discbrake objects (not the parent WHEEL obj) into the car.js script on the car object? I fixed the front wheels by swapping the Left and Right discbrakes in the slots in car.js, but then the back wheels wouldn’t work. I solved this problem with my own model by duplicating the front wheels, renaming them and shifting the back to the position of the back wheels in unity… This and redoing the tutorial 15 times, and in an urika moment it worked! Sorry I couldn’t isolate the exact problem, but keep trying it and changing things would be my advice for those still struggling…