When an animation starts looping, it can't transition to a non-looping animation.

Hello, I am trying to create a melee combat system for my game using the animator in unity 3D. So far, I have made a simple animation tree and have gotten the transitions to partially work. Here is a picture of the tree and the conditions:

The animations usually transition between each other fine, but when the Idle and walking animation start looping (if you are doing these actions for an extended period of time), they don't transition to the attacking animation when the attack input is received. I am not familiar with all the animation settings, so I just want to be sure that I don't have any setting off that I need on. Thanks in advance for any help!


There isn't really much information to go on here. If you could take the same screenshots while the issue is actually occurring, that would be really helpful.

Start your game, click on the object in the hierarchy with this animator, and take a screenshot exactly as you did here of the animator window while walking is stuck as you described.

In this screenshot, the idle animation is looping and the attack animation can't be played.

here are the settings for the Idle Animation

Here are the Settings for the Attack Animation

Really, what I need to see is the issue occurring with the parameters and conditions showing like in this screenshot you took earlier:


Also, make sure that you have the idle to attack transition selected so we see the correct conditions (or whichever transition isn't working).