When and where does unity ADS load video

I’m using Unity Ads and I want to have full memory control in my app. So, i’ve got a question about how Unity Ads works with memory?

I gues that’s work like this:

  • When I start my app, Unity Ads Initializing automaticly(I see logs of it).
  • When Ads Initialized, it’s starting to find video to show. It’s loading video from internet and put it into apps’ cach(to internal storage, NOT in memory). After it’s done, method IsReady() returns true.
  • When I call Show() method it start to stream video from internal storage and IsReady() start returning false again.
  • When video is done, it’s loading next video.

Am I understanding correct?

The next question about network trafic. As I understaning, unity downlodaing video to a local storage. So, the questing is: what will be happening if user will close my app and open it again. Will it download from internet or it will read from local storage?


The answer is here: https://forum.unity.com/threads/how-does-unity-ads-works-with-memory.500027/