When building an AR app to Android, the screen is completely black.

After following several tutorials on how to set up Unity to build an AR app, when I build the app to my device (which is running Android Oreo), all that appears after the splash screen is a completely black screen. I have read through several forums involving people with the same issue and I have not come across a definite solution. Here are some other details that might help:
Unity Version - 2019.1.3f1
Android Version - 8.1.0
Phone - Blu Vivo XL4
AR Foundation - 2.1.0
ARCore - 2.1.0
Multi threaded rendering is turned off. Vulkan graphics API was removed. ARCore supported is not ticked in XR settings. Only objects in the scene are a cube, a directional light, an AR Session, and an AR session origin with AR camera attached. After building to the phone Unity returns “Build Successful” with no errors on the console.

I’m having the same issue.