When building with il2cpp, there is an error that occurs when then umber of scenes is large! [+ More Information]

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First of all, we have about 1500 scenes.

There are no problems when these scenes are built with ‘mono’,

but these problems occur when built with ‘il2cpp’.

Originally, the name of the individual scene is


In short, it was long to the name of the ‘scene’, including ‘path’.

But now ‘S / 1/1 / A01’

Reduced the “string” to build with il2cpp build.

So, I was able to build more scenes.

However, it is not enough to build all the scenes.

When we figured out, what matters is the build process

‘jsonserialization’ and ‘maxjsonlength’.

We tried to solve this in many ways,

How to solve it on other platforms is like the picture above.

Maybe increasing ‘maxjsonlength’ is the answer,

We don’t have access to fix that part.

Only Unitiy developers can do.

We’ll send you an ‘editor unitylinker Data.json’ as well.

If Unity developers don’t help,

Because we don’t have a server

The only way to solve this is to reduce the scene.

However, we have been developing games with this structure for 2 years already.

It is a very difficult matter to combine the scenes.

We will reply you as soon as possible.

Please, thank you so much for helping us.

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Hello there, I’m trying to build .aab file for Android, but I cannot because of UnityLinker.exe error. I use Unity 2019.3 il2cpp and net.x.4. Could you please help me) @koyongsung