When camera is close to texture fps drops off drastically

I am building a VR tool for a client to display in store advertising material and it’s running on top end hardware all around. All of the advertisements are loaded in dynamically as jpegs and are applied to existing materials on static geometry with baked lighting. I’m currently loading about 40 textures and they range in size from about 512 - 2K. They are set to mipmap, but I am not always able to ensure that each side is a power of 2.

My problem is that I am experiencing a significant fps drop when the VR camera gets in very close to an object with the material applied. In one specific case I have a large sign with a 1024 x 512 texture applied to a standard opaque material. When the player gets very close, about to the point where the sign fills the whole view, the performance drops from ~107fps down to like 45fps.

Are there settings or anything I should be aware of that might cause/fix this?

Same problem here. Did you find the answer?