When changing scenes in build, game freezes but new scene runs in the background


I have an issue when I try to load a new scene with async loading. When I load the scene in the editor, it loads in fine but when I try to do it in the build, the game freezes but the new scene runs in the background. I can hear the sounds for the new scene running in the background and the process is displayed on the task manager but the game is still frozen on the last frame of the last scene. The process still keeps running even after I close the window for the build

I am not really sure of the issue. I know the new scene is pretty process-heavy on startup but it runs fine in the editor. Any possible solutions?

do you have a script accidentally dealing with a

Time.timeScale = 0;

where it isn’t supposed to be there? on that scene specific

Maybe you need loading Scene

1_Download it

2_After you create a new scene named : loadingscreen

3_ go to Folder DPLoadScreen File you downloaded you will find scene name LoadScreen Drag it to scenes in build (build scene)

4 _ take your loadingscreen you have created to (build scene) And make it the first scene at the top

5_ go to loadingscreen your empty scene and make new GameObject and make new script name: loadingscreen and put loadingscreen inside GameObject

place this inside script

void Start()
    DPLoadScreen.Instance.LoadLevel("Name your heavy scene");


void Update()


Do not forget to put the name of your big scene

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