When Compiling to WebGL, not all Sprites Render Properly. Why?

I’ve made some updates to a game I made for Ludum Dare 34. It was working perfectly fine in the first release, the graphics looked as intended. After making a few changes and recompiling for WebGL, the player sprite and power up sprites are all showing up as black blobs. You can see what I mean here: http://bazkur.itch.io/stickman-sam-in-the-high-fly-sky?secret=zMzoOTZzeccZC0uvl0wr9V1kMeY

I’ve not changed any compile settings from the last compile and the game runs perfectly fine as an executable. Any idea what would cause my sprites to look this way in WebGL especially considering it wasn’t an issue before? Thanks!

This has been posted to Reddit as well: Reddit - Dive into anything

I think I encountered the same problem which apparently is a known issue
what helped was reimporting all the assets (thank’s to @randomhuman for the tip)


I recently had the same problem and found that it was because my sprite file was set to the “Trilinear” setting in Filter Mode on the file’s inspector panel.

Should help. Also, liked your game concept. :smiley:

@CDMcGwire - Thanks, I’ll check that out

Hi ! Same problem here, and since I make a pixel-art game, all my sprites are set to “no filter”.
My desktop build works fine but my webGL randomly not render some sprites.

All my sprites are set in this way :

  • Texture mode “Sprite”
  • Pixel per unit : 1
  • Generate Mip Maps : check
  • no filter
  • Max Size 2048
  • Format Compressed

I try different settings, and still have bugs sometimes, don’t understand where they come from…