When custom solution hosting will be available

When I try to setup multiplay it still says Custom engine support is coming soon but its been like this for a couple months now. Anyone knows when it will be available? Thanks

I tried to search it and did not find anything so if its been asked or answered would love to if you can give me the link.

During the "Integrate game server" step this is to select a engine specific SDK.
If you are not using Unity or Unreal you can select either engine and just skip through the steps.
You will need to implement any of the specific APIs that you would require through your game server.

I do not believe we have any indication of when our next engine SDKs will be available.
Here is an example of a game server written in GO without a specific SDK: https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/multiplay-examples/tree/main/simple-game-server-go

Thanks for the reply, when I followed the steps you, it was like you said. But from this scene it appears like if I have a custom game server (like the example you gave) I can not implement it and the support for it will be coming soon so I was a bit confused but it is okay know. Thanks for the help.

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