When i add a new force to my planet it is much stronger on the y axis than the x axis

I am having this issue where i want to make a planet that has its own gravity. the center of the planet is at 0, 0 (i’m working in 2D, so the planet is more like a circle) and so to have the player move toward the center i just take their current x and y values and put them into a force, however the player falls well on the y axis, but only at about a 20th of the speed on the x-axis, even though they are at the same values.

here is the code:

void FixedUpdate () 
	rigidbody2D.AddForce(new Vector2(-GameObject.Find("Character").transform.position.x, -GameObject.Find("Character").transform.position.y));


thanks in advance

Did you turn off gravity on the rigidbody and go to edit>progectsettings>physics>change the y to 0?