When i am procedurally generating a quad, it goes black after i add a material to the meshRenderer.Why?

So, i am working at a procedural generated mesh, that has a cube in the middle, and some polygans that come out of it, but when i try to add a material tot the MeshRenderer, one of the quads goes black. Why is that happening?

Sorry but my crystal ball is currently broken so we can only guess what you’re doing. My guess is that you didn’t set proper normal vectors for your vertices? If the used shader / material expects a texture it could also be related to missing / wrong texture coordinates. Another possible reason is that the shader you’re using uses lighting and there’s no light in your scene.

Without more information (the actual code that generates the mesh, the used shader and it’s parameters and the position and type of the light(s) in the scene) this is probably the closest you’ll get to an answer.