When I Apply A Texture To My Object It Just Changes Colour


So, I made a simple square road object in Blender. Exported the UV to Photoshop, made a quick texture and then checked it back in Blender. Perfect! Well on my way to starting my first game.

Now when I add that texture to a material inside Unity and try to add that material on to the object, it just slightly changes the colour of it.

Any help? I have no idea. :frowning:

Most likely the UV values weren’t set properly, were erased … in Blender (I’ve never had it where they were set properly, but erased during the export, so I doubt it’s an export problem, unless you somehow unchecked "uv"s.)

If you leave the color as white, in a simple (diffuse?) shader, does it change to a corner pixel, of whatever texture? That’s an “all (0,0)” uv problem. It reads the texture just fine, but only that single 00 pixel. If you really wanted, guess you could print mesh.uv[] in Unity, to be sure.