When I build and run my HDRP scene the sun is much brighter and overexposed than in the game view

In the scene and game view the sun looks normal, but when I decide to build and run it is way too bright. How do I fix this?

Please drop a few screenshots of the scene view, game view and build view, and maybe some extra shots to show settings and things.

It sounds a little weird because at the very least, one would expect the game view and the build game view to be identical.

This is the image in the game view.

This is the image in the built and run version.

Maybe your problem is related to color space.

To me the difference comes from volumetric fog

it looks like the fog caused the problem.
try turning off the fog and bloom effect and try again until you find the key problem.

yes, I am also pretty sure the extra brightness comes from volumetric fog. Check the different HDRP Assets assigned in Project Settings -> Quality. Most likely you have an HDRP Asset selected for preview in the Editor, that has Volumetric Fog disabled, but the HDRP Asset that's default for the Build has it enabled.. That's what I would guess.

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It’s not the fog, but ill try the other 2 options.

Ignore what I just said, the volumetric fog wasn’t on in the game view but it was on when built and ran. I went in the hdrp setting and turned volumetric fog on. Then, I turned it off in the Sky and Fog Volume.

Thank you for all your solutions to my problem.

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