When I call a Twitter Api, app will be crashed.

I built tutorial of “SocialTest”.
When I pushed the “Twitter API” button, the app was crashed.

Twitter object initialization is OK, but when call a “GetTweets” method, this app is always crashed.
(Any other method has same problem.)

The crash point information is below.

0x6834c8:  ldr    pc, [r1, #84]
0x6834cc:  mov    r1, r0
0x6834d0:  ldr    lr, [r1]           <- Thread 1 : EXC_BAD_ACCESS(code=1, address=0x0)
0x6834d4:  bl     0x686290                  ; plt_U3DXT_iOS_Native_Foundation_NSData_ToByteArray
0x6834d8:  bl     0x6862a0                  ; plt_U3DXT_Utils_StringBytesExtension_ToStraightString_byte__

I use U3DXT pro version

What is the cause?

Hi Yuuki, we will fix this in the next release, planned for later this week.

Edit: Version is released with the fix. The Unity Asset Store version will lag by a week or so. If you want to get updates immediately, PM us with your invoice number, and we will send you directions to download it from our site.

Thank you. I recieved Version I’ll check it.