When i change scenes the platforms move opposite.

public float Amplitude = 0.05f;
public float PlatformSpeed = 0.14f;
public Vector3 PlatformDirection = Vector3.forward;
private Vector3 Pos0;
private Vector3 movement;
//Inside this update function, we transform the position of the platforms using the amplitude and platformspeed and platformdirection.
//The platformdirection is set within the unity editor to be either on the x, y or z. It is a vector3 to use 3D space. All three public
//variables can be set within the unity editor as well.
void FixedUpdate()
Pos0 = transform.position;
//Pos0 = transform.position;
transform.position = Pos0+Amplitudetransform.TransformDirection(PlatformDirection)Mathf.Sin(6.28fPlatformSpeedTime.time);
//rigidbody.MovePosition (movement);


That is my code for the moving platform. Whenever i start the scene with the moving platform everything is fine and they move as intended. However, when i start from the menu screen and load the level using Application.LoadLevel(), then thats when the problems arise.

Basically the platforms don’t move the same as if i was to just start the game in the scene with the platforms in them. For example if i load the scene as normal then it will move up, however if i start from the menu and load the level then it will move down instead. When i run it from the menu of the game then it seems that the platforms move in the opposite direction.Ideas?

The platforms are rigidbodies, and so is my player.

EDIT: I SOLVED IT MYSELF. IF ANYONE ELSE IS USING THIS AND HAS THE SAME PROBLEM JUST CHANGE THE Time.time to Time.timeSinceLevelLoad. Now everything is good as gold :smiley:

Camera is probably in a different spot. Check the camera position when you load both ways. I think when you open the scene, there is no camera so it places it where you have it set up. When you are at a menu, and use Application.LoadLevel it keeps the camera from the menu scene and it doesn’t get placed where you’re expecting it. So it looks like your stuff is moving the wrong way but the camera is actually looking from the other side