When i click an object, Hierachy does not expand its parents, so i must look for it manually :( Help !?

Hello Unity users!

Sorry for bad english… :frowning:

First, i must say i look for this answer on google, on UnityAnswers, on Unityforums… but nothing…

From the first time, whenever i clicked an object, it was selected in the hierachy. If this object was a child of another object, the hierachy autiomatic expand so i can see the object in the hierachy.

But, i don’t know why, my Unity is not doing this now… If click, the object is selected, but the hierahy does not expand. So if its a child of another object, i can not see it (i must llok for it malually, expanding parents until found it).

So, Is selecting the object in hierachy, but it does not expand its parents so i can not see it.

Is possible i desactivated this function? How can i re-activate it?

Thanks you all!!


Alright so there isn’t a lot to find about this issue, but thankfully you are not the only one. What seems to help for a lot of people is to close the hierarchy tab and reopen it again, either by using the Window>Hierarchy menu or just right clicking on a tab somewhere. The only info I found is on the website below, hope this will solve your issue and if not, give you some information.

If anyone happens to know of a way, I am looking for a way to sort of do the opposite. I am wanting to be able to select a massive amount of objects without expanding the hierarchy. Some sort of “silent” selection, for lack of a better term.

I can select them and then try to issue a command to collapse the hierarchy after the fact, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always work without invoking it multiple times, just depending on how many objects are selected, it seems to fire off before the actual selection has completed.