When I create a cube it is SUPER small. Please Help!

Hi. When I create a cube it is so small I can’t even see it. When it is created its size is 1. After that I have to keep dragging it and dragging it until I can finally see it. It was not like this before I created a new project. Please help. Thanks,

The size in Unity is kind of arbitrary - “1” can be whatever unit you want it to be, you just have to size everything else according to what units you decide. The units are commonly visualized as meters, so 1 unit = 1 meter. My point is that the size in units isn’t really relevant to this issue (most likely).

When you create the cube, what does the position show in the inspector? What is the position of the camera? I suspect that the camera is just at a spot really far away from where the cube is being created.

If you double click on the cube in the Hierarchy window, the camera should zoom close to the cube and point at it. Does that fix things for you?