When I delete an object, the box collider remains.

I have made a dungeon generator that uses an invisible object in the middle of every room to prevent further rooms from spawning on it. I have a script that destroys them after the dungeon is generated( a simple Destroy(gameObject); command). Problem is, although the object is destroyed(even gets removed from the hierarchy), the collider still remains, and my player is blocked by it. How can I fix this?

I actually fixed this problem myself. The issue was not the colliders remaining after being deleted, because they were deleted as expected. The issue was that one of my walls had the collider drawn on the empty gameobject that contained the sprite, in addition to the wall itself. That gameobject had the collider drawn in such a way that it would fall in the middle of the room, which is where the invisible object was, making me think the collider remained. I deleted the incorrect collider and the problem is fixed.