When I enable virtual reality support, the app won't open at all on my Galaxy S7

Hey there, having some trouble and its really frustrating me.

I have it narrowed down to this: if I have virtual reality supported enabled in my player settings, the apk will not open on my phone. It gets copied over correctly, I see the app icon, but tapping on it does literally nothing… no “insert into Gear VR” prompt, no black screen, nothing. It just stays on the apps folder screen. If I disable virtual reality supported, it opens fine (but obviously that’s worthless to me).

I’m on Unity 5.4.1f1 and following every GearVR build setting to a T.


Hi, I solved my problem but I am not sure this will apply to you.

I started by checking the log with Android debug tool logcat, there I found the line I was interested in that said “Cannot start VR acivity, reason: HMT”
After a while I saw that I had something on the phone that actually blocked all GearVR related app and GearVR system. So maybe you have an app blocker installed on that phone you should check if it blocks the GearVR app of samsung.

If the main gearVR app is blocked, all VR apps will be blocked as the phone cannot initialize the VR player itself.

@PrimeDerektive Have you registered with Oculus and obtained a signature file for your device. This is needed to run Gear-VR apps. Without it your app will not be granted permission to use the VR functionality of the device so you will not be able to run it for testing.

Use this link to get to the oculus portal.


If you have installed Cardboard for GearVR app and switched to Cardboard, all GearVR is disabled. Either enable it again or uninstall the app.