When I hit play the character rotates

Hi! I am new to unity. I created a character in blender and i imported it to unity. On scene it looks like this:


I added movement and third person view before knowing that this happens… Now even if i turn all of them off it stills rotates when i press play:

If I uncheck the animator it doesn’t rotate… Any idea why this happens or how i could solve it?

I cant help you with explaing why is this happening but easy fix could be to simpy rotate it back :

void start {
transform.eulerAngles = new Vector3(transform.rotation.x, transform.rotation.y + some correct value, transform.rotation.z);

hopefully it helps

HI, what I’m getting is that you have Animator component attached to your game object, if you don’t need this component, remove this component. hope this will solve your problem