When I import FBX files the animation names have the armatures in them now

I’m trying to switch all my blend files over to FBXs and Ive run into another problem. Now all the animation names have the armature they are attached to in the name. Does anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it?

I have some screen shots, here’s an old blend file’s import screen:

and here’s the new import screen:

This is going to be a problem if I can’t find a way to get that armature tag off the animation names. Any advice or help would be appreciated, thanks.

Okay, figured out why this is happening. If anyone else runs into the same issue it’s about the Version that is selected in the blender fbx export settings. If FBX 6.1 ascii is used the animation names don’t have the armature in them and a default take is added, if FBX 7.4 binary is used then the armature name is put in the animation names and there is no default take. Not sure if this is a blender thing or a unity thing but it looks like for now I’ll have to decide whether the FBX units scale from FBX 7.4 binary is worth the extra armature definition in the name.