When I Import models from blender they have a yellow-brown tint

When I import a character, gun or anything from blender parts will appear to have a yellow brown solid color, or a tint that can be seen. Here is my model seen in blender

There is also a transparency effect on the lens too, but that doesnt work in unity like it should. Also, shades dont show up. what should be chrome silver is black.
Ran out of space so I’ll post the Unity screenshot as a comment.

Materials rarely import correctly because they are simply not meant to be imported. Just because there is an “import materials” checkbox doesn’t mean you should ever use it. No professional imports materials with their models as part of the workflow, only noobs do.

You import the raw grey mesh, with UV mapping set up correctly, then add and set up the materials and shaders the way you want them inside Unity.

This does not help. I didn’t import my textures with the fbx and it has the same effect. any other help?