When I load image it dissapears

I am trying to change image when the ** score reaches 10**. But everytiem when the score reaches 10 the texture of image dissapears. BTW I am making ranks in clicker game. There’s the code:

public class Click : MonoBehaviour {
	public UnityEngine.UI.Text CSGOMoney;
	public UnityEngine.UI.Text MPC;
	public float money = 0;
	public int moneyperclick = 1;
	public Image image;

	void Update(){
		CSGOMoney.text = "Money-" + money;
		MPC.text = "Money per click-" + moneyperclick;

		if (money == 10f) {
			ChangeImg ();


	public void ChangeImg(){
		image.sprite = Resources.Load<Sprite> ("Ranks_3");

	public void Clicked(){
		money += moneyperclick;



Check if your image ui elements has its color’s alpha at 0 and set it to 255 if so. It often is transparent by default

@LocalNoob I mean this:

But thanks for your help!