when i open a script visual studio opens it as an independent file and not as a solution

I just started using unity and i saw a video explaining the basics, in the video when the script was opened it opened it in a solution, also adding colors to unity specific value types and classed. like this:

now while i know he was using an older version of both unity and visual studio i expected to see something at least similar but it seems really different both not coloring classes and not correcting name errors(seems like it doesn’t even know what those classes are but it doesn’t point it out) and it makes it way harder to write without errors.
if this is just how new unity/visual studio works but there are ways to make this simpler it would also be appreciated.
also here is an image of the screen i get:

i tried things like updating the packages restarting everything and nothing seemed to changed

he problem was with visual studio community setup, reopened the setup and this time selected unity tools, everything seems to work rn.
the place that helped me solve it(if you have a simular problem): c# - Unity Scripts edited in Visual studio don't provide autocomplete - Stack Overflow