When i press play the buttons work, however, the buttons dont work on my iphone.

Good evening all! I’m having some real trouble going on with my UI in unity. The buttons used to work both on the computer and on my iPhone (using unity Remote). For whatever reason, the buttons do not work on my iPhone, but everything is still functional on my computer when I press play. I’ve switched between event systems (old and new) and nothing is helping. It doesn’t seem like anyone else has had this problem based on my google and youtube search. I know this isn’t a lot to go off of and I tried my best to explain it. Thank you guys for any help you provide!

Not sure if this will help, and I’m sure you already tried it, but sometimes Unity will act funky for me so I save and restart the program. After doing that the weird issues go away unless its a code issue of course.

If that doesn’t work, are there any recent changes you made to your code regarding your UI since it last worked?