When I try to upload assets to unity asset store, I get this message in console.

I have already submitted my asset to Unity Asset Store and I got accepted and it is now being published in asset store. Today, I made a content update to my asset(Adding various animations) and selected assets folder and main assets, and finally clicked ‘SUBMIT’ button.
After that, unity began to upload my assets and got completed. but I no longer get messages like my assets are submitted and being reviewed.
I checked the publisher login and the asset status is at ‘Uploaded’.
What is happening?? Can anyone help me with this??

I had the same problem, and the Asset Store folks weren’t any help. It turns out that you have to put some text in all of the fields when submitting, especially the Change History field. If this is blank, your asset status will be Uploaded (not Pending) and the Asset Store staff will not get a notification to look at it. You have to put some text in the field and re-submit.

I had the same problem, and I have submitted my update successfully by following answer.