when i use, it keep going left

yes. it working great. it is 3D and making this game so fun and amazing. but there is tiny problem that really annoyed me. when i was playing game, the character keep going left. not right, left. its like keep pushing left key. so it's like the character keep going to right, when it hit the wall, it keep walking. it look stupid but i can't do anything but left. if i push right key, it going right. but when i stop that, it goes left again. i can't play like normal. all i can go is left and right. not strait. what can i do? help me!!!!

I have a bug like this with 4.3, and it is really any game that uses keyboard input, on web player or playing inside unity and its really annoying, i already reinstalled the web player but nothing. I have the Xbox360 controller drivers installed but on any moment it was connected. If anyone could help!