when importing fbx no materials show up only in folders

i used 3ds max to make an entire map and when i wanted to import it into unity it imported but then the model was jsut gray and i found a folder called materials was imported too so how do i get the materials onto the model

Old topic that I stumbled across, but i thought I’d answer it just in case anyone else was looking for the solution.

The problem is likely in your FBX file. On export, in the FBX menu, there’s a section called ‘embed materials’. Check this box, and the textures will be embedded and mapped in the FBX file, and applied for you on import in unity.

Another cause might be that you are using nonstandard materials (mental ray, etc) in your models. FBX, Unity, and 3d game engines only support standard materials. I would only use a diffuse map, normal map, and do everything else in Unity.

You can manually extract materials from the fbx you imported into Unity. Select the fbx mesh. In the Inspector tab, select the Materials sub-tab. Click “Extract Materials” button and extract it to whichever folder you’d like.,You can manually extract materials from the fbx mesh you imported. Select the fbx mesh you imported. In the Inspector tab, click the “Materials” sub-tab, and then click the “Extract Materials” button. Create a folder and extract it there.