When is the next update?

hello developer!I want to know when the next update is …

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I'd also love to know... There is supposed to be a big network update with the next patch(greater than 16 players), and video tutorials, so it makes sense that they are taking a bit to put it up. I hope something by next month, but that's just a guess with their roughly quarterly releases.


Is that true,Are you sure about this message for support more than 16 players ? If that is true I will be so happy!!

There is estimated quarterly updates, or so now.
Anyway, we should expect something in March, as far I am aware.
But I am not holding a breath, just in case there will be delay.

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Thank you for your leak:p

Plus, March coincides with GDC. They seem to announce juicy updates at major events, so I'm hoping for something there.

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I am very excited about that.:stuck_out_tongue: