When loading an animation, how can I get at the reference pose?

I have a subclass of AssetPostprocessor in which I do various operations on incoming animations (e.g., motion extraction, move-to-origin, etc.) It all works great. I am now tackling mirroring, so I can mirror an incoming animation. In order to do this, I need to have access to the reference pose associated with the model (basically I need a symmetric pose). I load animations as separate files. So, for example, if i am loading fred@jumpLeft, I want to be able to get at the transforms associated with fred. Is there an easy way to do that in the context of AssetPostProcessor?



This won't get the reference pose, but might help you in mirroring:

Editor Script:Mirror AnimatorClip Generator

If there is, I didn’t find it. I ended up just instantiating the model in a scene, removing all animation clips from it to force it into the bind pose, and then running a custom script to extract bone positions and write that to a configuration file that stores bone name, local euler angles, and local position recursively. Then my own mirroring script allows the user to select a bind pose configuration file and uses that for reference when mirroring animations. It only has to be done once per model though.