When numbered text moves to left not right

Hello all. So I am working with a UI text object which is a numbered and is based off of an int variable. Does anyone know a way so that when it gets a number in a new place value, (for example increase from 8 to 11, or 10 to 100 etc) that the number moves to the left, not the default right.

As you can see from the picture, the text gets another value in the tens place value, and moves on top of my coin. I want it so that it moves the opposite way, as to not touch the coin.

Thanks in advance

Set text alignment to the right.

Unity doesn’t treat numbers as hundreds, tens, units, it’s displayed as a string (text). The default alignment is left which means it will display from the left side of the origin, set this alignment to the right and the text will show from the right side of the origin.